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   Application and Enrollment Information

          Here is how you may become acquainted with our school and 
         apply for


  Tours are usually scheduled only for periods when school is not in session. Tours are scheduled for parents only, last thirty to forty minutes, and include time for us to share information about the school and answer your questions. Applications may be requested at this time. 

 Parent Observational Visits

Once the school year is well under way, we also schedule observational visits. The observational visit is designed especially to allow you, the parent, to individually observe how a class operates under usual circumstances, without having to consider how your own child 's presence might be changing the usual pattern of classroom flow. You are welcome to request an application at the time of your visit. You may also call the school with questions following your visit.

Requesting an Application       

Once, having read our information, visited our school, asked questions, and having decided that Garden Gate is probably the right school for your child, you may request an Enrollment Application . We will give you detailed Enrollment Information along with your Enrollment Application. (In rare instances, when parents already have abundant information and are certain that Garden Gate is the best placement for their child, an Applications may given prior to a Parent Visit.) Your Enrollment Application offers an opportunity to be considered for enrollment and is not a guarantee of placement in our programs. If your Enrollment Application indicates a good match between our programs and the desires and expectations of your family, we will offer you either an Enrollment Visit for you and your child, or a place in our waiting list. 

Your Child's Visit

When accepting your application we will send you an Enrollment Visit Invitation. This invitation will offer your child a short appointment to visit our school, become acquainted with our environment and our students, and to ascertain your child's readiness for the community experience that our school has to offer. 

Parent's Enrollment Appointment

We will also schedule a subsequent parent's appointment for your enrollment completion process. During the enrollment enrollment appointment we further acquaint you with our school procedures and policies, and give you your Parent Handbook and other helpful information. During this appointment Garden Gate families commit to a full school year's enrollment for their child through an enrollment contract with the school. This practice allows our school to maintain the kind of continuity for our students and parents that are one of several characteristics that define an authentic Montessori school of good quality.

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