Garden Gate Montessori School

Morning Program Schedules and Tuitions

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Photos: Thank you to our Garden Gate parent, Caroline Somary, for the many lovely photos (all the really great ones) of our Garden Gate environment.

Morning Program

         At Garden Gate Montessori School we offer one beautiful Pre-primary Classroom space with adjoining outdoor work spaces, and outdoor garden/play areas, enjoyed by all our students with schedules depending upon their ages.

     Our peaceful morning begins in the garden under the trees, in full view of our pond and flower gardens, and continues indoors in our homey well-lit, well equipped classroom space, under the guidance of specially trained Montessori teachers.   

Class Size: Mixed Age Group of 20 students with 1 lead teacher and 2 assistant teachers  
 Schedule: 9:00 A.M. – 12:30 2-5 minimum days per week depending on child's age.  See "Ages and Schedules" below.

We offer one multi-aged class with children attending on different schedules according to their ages.

                        Ages and Schedules

2 Day Schedule: 2 spaces are reserved for our youngest First Year Students who are under 3 years of age.                                                       Monday and Friday 

Parents of these students may also request a 4 or 5 day  space.

Ages: 2 yrs. + 8 mos. –  2 yrs. + 11 mos. on Sept. 15  (3 years by Jan.15)



4 Day Schedules: 4 spaces are reserved for our new  First Year Students who are under 3.5 years of age                                   Monday through Thursday:   and     Tuesday through Friday:      

Returning students may request a four day schedule as a second choice.   

 Ages:  3 yrs. -  3 yrs. + 6 mos. on September 15



5 Day Schedule:  For Our Older New Students and Returning Students Monday through Friday  

Younger new students may also request a five day schedule, and may be offered a five day schedule if a space is available.

Returning students may request a four day schedule as a possible first choice, but must apply for a five day space as an acceptable schedule.     

Ages: 3 yrs. + 8 mos.- 6.5 yrs. on September 15    

 Younger students may request a five day space if available.    

About our Two Day “Transitional” Students  

Our two youngest students blended with our older 4 and 5 day students         

     For our youngest students, who begin the year just under three years of age, this class offers a secure circle of first time friends in a home and garden environment where the younger preschooler’s natural sense of order and beauty, concentration, coordination, and independence unfold under the nurturing guidance of a experienced Montessori teachers.

    Practical Life, Sensorial activities, music, and movement are the appropriate emphases at this age level. But this class also offers the children any learning material from which they are ready to benefit. Our more experienced four and five morning students round out our desirable mixed age grouping for these students. In this way we are able to offer our younger children the older mentors and role models who help them learn their new classroom routines and give offer them little individual lessons with work materials.



    About our Four and Five Day Students

     Children in this age range are ready to benefit from the full range of Montessori Pre-primary materials and experiences in Practical Life, Sensorial and Art, Math, Reading and Writing, Science, and Geography. The Montessori Method offers the child a very rich and well rounded educational experience.

Note: With rare exception, children must be fully toilet trained to attend class 4 and 5 days per week.<


              Morning Program Tuitions 
                     9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.                            

Monthly Tuition Installments: The monthly tuitions listed below are based on an annual tuition divided into 10 equal monthly installments for children starting school in September. When children begin in mid-year, the annual tuition is prorated according to the number of remaining school days, and distributed over the remaining installments. The monthly tuition installment varies accordingly.

Please see "Ages and Schedules"(above) to determine the schedule planned for your child.
             School Year  2018 - 2019

1st Year Students 2.75-3 years of age:

 2 Mornings - M&F

10 monthly installments of  $495 each 


1st Year Students under 3.5 years of age: 

4 Mornings

Mon - Thur. or Tue.-Fri.   

 10 monthly installments of $795  each  


Returning students and Older New Students: 

 5 Mornings                         

 10 monthly installments of $825 each                          

(New and younger students may also request a five day space.)


Please Note: Through February of the school year preceding the year of this schedule, the programs and rates listed here are the projected programs and rates for the upcoming school year and are subject to modification if needed.